[Fiction] ‘Debt’ — Franck Vanhee

If I lend you a letter w, you must return that same letter w, the oman in the bookshop said. Not two u’s.
You r-r-r-run a booksh-sh-sh-shop, I thought, not a f-f-f-f- libr-br-br-
brary. Yet, I uttered It was your first letter so I opened it.
The uuoman patted. It is your sucky day, she said, the lexiconman just fenced me this tube of super glue.
She opened the tube and squeezed the glue around her mouth. Now let’s seal our double u, she said. Read my lips. And planted hers on mine. Betw-w-w-ween the lines died a
guttural y



Franck Vanhee is a Flemish copywriter and storyte!!er, though he prefers to be called a word barterer. His flash fiction has been published by VisualVerse, zeroflash, The Fiction Pool, The Short Humour Site, etc.
According to Franck, this flash fiction, ‘Debt’, is about word serendipity. Or about rabbits, caught in the headlights of the imminent Greatest Financial Crisis.


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