Submissions are open

New Critique is an independent, non-profit journal of critical and creative writing.

Please send previously unpublished submissions in word document format (not PDF), with any images attached separately, along with an author bio in the third person, and any social media handles to We aim to reply promptly but please allow 6–8 weeks for a response.

Every submission is subject to a rigorous review by three editors. We work closely with writers to refine and revise work for publication.

We receive many submissions and read each one carefully, but we regret that we cannot offer individual feedback on all submissions. If we do not proceed with your submission, please wait three months before submitting new work. We accept simultaneous submissions—just let us know if your work is accepted elsewhere.

Unfortunately, we cannot pay contributors. We do not charge subscription fees or run adverts, the editors are unpaid, and the journal’s running costs are covered by the editorial team.

Essays of no more than 3,000 words are encouraged on any aspect of literature, art, history, politics, theory, music, film and/or television. We welcome critical, creative non-fiction, experimental, and journalistic approaches.

For all references, please follow MHRA style:

Walter Benjamin, Origin of the German Trauerspiel, trans. Howard Eiland (Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Press, 2019), 115.

Reinhart Koselleck, ‘Crisis’, trans. Michaela W. Richter, Journal of the History of Ideas, 67:2 (2006), 357–400, 365.

Ann Thompson and Neil Taylor, eds. Hamlet, revised edition (London: Arden, 2016), II.i.12.

Critical book, performance, exhibition, album, and screen reviews (no more than 1,500 words) should both close read and situate the work in its social, political, cultural, and/or intellectual contexts.

Creative writing
We publish poetry, fiction, short stories, flash fiction, drama, short film, and anything in between. Creative submissions should not exceed 100 lines of poetry or 5,000 words of fiction or drama.

Current editors
Josh Mcloughlin
James Mcloughlin
Daunish Negargar

Former editors
Amber De La Haye
Joseph Barker
Claudia Louise
Beth Lester
Tim Harvey

Ali Ackland-Snow
George Aird
R.A. Allen
Al Anderson
Asligul Armagan
Louis Armand
Jack Barker-Clark
Richard Barr
Joe Bedford
Dennis Bensie
Eitan Benzion
Margo Berdeshevsky
Jacob Bernard-Banton
Charles Bliss
Yasna Bozhkova
Oisín Breen
Dominic Brown
Mersiha Bruncevic
S.T. Brant
Fraser Bryant
Tia Byer
Edward Campbell-Rowntree
Jonathan Cardew
Jim Chaffee
Seirce Mhac Conghail
Luigi Coppola
Brent Crane
Eloise Crist
Jacob Cunningham
Oliver Deasy
Maria Des Forges
Peter Donnelly
Nora Doorley
Roy Endean
Susannah Farrell
Robert Firth
Daniel Formby
R.G. Foster
Greg Gerke
Breyon Gibbs
Elizabeth Gibson
Louis Glazzard
Bart van Goethem
Allison Grayhurst
John Grey
Victoria Griffin
Mark Halpern
Sam Hancock
Tim Harding
Connor Harrison
R.W. Haynes
Jane Hertenstein
Michael Paul Hogan
Tom Holmes
Lucas Hill-Paul
Tom Hillsdon
Shu Hu
Maddy Howard
Adam Houle
Christopher Impiglia
Avrina Joslin
Maia Joy
Gergely Károly
Joanna Kaye
Jemima Khalli
Kathryn de Leon
Alexandre Leskanich
Ben Lewellyn-Taylor
Stephanie Limb
Christopher Linforth
Jasper Llewelyn
Jorge López Llorente
Elena Lo Presti
Michael Loveday
Amelia Madan
DS Maolalai
Michael McGinley-Hughes
Seamus McGinley-Hughes
Jennifer McMillan
Catherine McNamara
Mike Miley
Raymond Miller
John Moessner
Will Moffitt
Laure Moreton-Griffiths
Christopher Moore
Paul Murgatroyd
Nathan Moreau
Meghan Murphy
Sophie Nicholas
Eric Nicholson
Kapka Nilan
Dan Norman
Clodagh O’Brien
Patrick O’Neill
Oskar Oprey
Ronan O’Shea
Paul Paschal
Ellen Paterson
Bernard Pearson
Mary Peelen
Nick Power
George Rawlins
Niles Reddick
James Riding
David Roberts
Matilda Roberts
Melissa Roberts
Simon Robson
Nicholas Rombes
Jake Sanders
Maria Schiza
Jacob Schroeder
Cam Scott
Phillip Shabazz
Aditya Shankar
Jack Sheen
Harry Sherriff
Connie Sjödin
Eliza Slawther
Jenny Sloan
William Snelling
Hannah Storm
Hannah Streck
James Strowman
Michael Sutton
John Talbird
Adam Tavel
Nicholas Taylor-Collins
William Thompson
Jake Trelease
Ethan Turner
Patrick Turner
Franck Vanhee
Chris Veasey
Anna Vine
Georgina Watson
Jonathan Webster
Micah White
Rieko Whitfield
Jack Williams
Chelsea Xu
Jane Zwart

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