[Essay] Boris the Katechon — Josh Mcloughlin

“Johnson, like the archetypal Pauline katechon, has been outmatched and overwhelmed by a crisis he has proved damningly incapable and incompetent to restrain, and which will further darken his already wretched political legacy.”

[Essay] Splendid Uselessness — Alexandre Leskanich

“At its best knowledge facilitates the emancipation of the human mind from narcissism, conformity, bigotry, intolerance, and hatred. All the more disturbing, then, is the grim spectacle that greets those engaged in its manufacture.”

[Essay] To You — Christopher Impiglia

“A long time, one hundred years. A long time too since this first English edition, bought by my father at auction, was published: a half-century. Fifty years of annotations illuminating it, including his and my own.”

[Essay] The Teratologists — Louis Armand

“Post-war nuclear technologies represented the first instance in which direct transformation or even control of the planetary environment came into view as a scientifically achievable proposition.”