[Essay] The Teratologists — Louis Armand

“Post-war nuclear technologies represented the first instance in which direct transformation or even control of the planetary environment came into view as a scientifically achievable proposition.”

[Essay] American Honey and The American Dream – Will Moffitt

Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, brilliantly crafted by Paul Schrader, inverts the utopian model of the dream. The film’s protagonist, Travis Bickle, is a disillusioned Nam Vet, an alienated loner who skulks around New York’s decadent underbelly, aping literature’s recalcitrant sulker-in-chief, Holden Caulfield.”

[Essay] Queer Time in Woolf and Wilde — Josh Mcloughlin

“Muñoz’s theory is based on a flawed understanding of Heideggerian philosophy, because a truly ‘unbounded’ ontology would reject the very ‘equipmental’ being Heidegger attacks – and the utopianism Muñoz mistakenly celebrates.”