[Short film] Red-Handed — Harry Sherriff

Red-Handed is the latest short film from Writer-director Harry Sherriff. Harry is undertaking a project to release one short film every month in 2016, and Red-Handed is the second film in that series.

Co-written with James McLoughlin, it is beautifully shot by James Johnson, with sound by Ryan McMurray.

Red-Handed (2016) (Mature)
Harry thinks it’s safe to go the shops for five minutes and leave Jonny alone in the flat…

Starring: Jonny & Harry


Directed by: Harry Sherriff
Produced by: Marie Hazelwood
Cinematography: James Johnson
First A.D.: Sean Lyons
Sound: Ryan McMurray
Focus puller: James Murfin
Gaffer: Sam Twyman
Colourist: Tommy Davies
Script supervisor: James McLoughlin

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