[Poetry] — Jemima Khalli

– Fathers

one day
will realise
they too
gave birth
and they will
notice scars
where they
their child

– Wounds

look at me.
i don’t want to
heal scars
mask marks
and hide stains
that have soaked
to your bones
who am i
to remove
the essence
of you?
show me your wounds
let me love them
let me have wounds too

– Ethnicity

please don’t cut yourself
up into eights, halves and quarters
it makes it harder to hold you

– Abuse

how can you spit
where you had slept
and hit
of the country
you lived in


Jemima Khalli is a graduate of English Literature & Creative Writing from Liverpool. Her debut poetry collection Lands was published in 2017.

All work is the rightful property of the author and is distributed with their permission.

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