[Fiction] Apple Blossom Sky — Laura Moreton-Griffiths

“I have eight weeks before the changes are noticed. In eight weeks I can do a lot of damage. For a little while, the materials will not be missed and my nano sabotage will go undetected.”

Published in partnership with Everything Forever, organised by Contemporary Art Practice at the Royal College of Art.

[Poetry] — Peter Donnelly

“At these minor garden parties,/Wind lushes and lashes/Through tended-to bush/Gusts across tennis courts (the nets slap/And billow); Ford Fiestas at the perimeter/Unmoved by all of this.”

[Poetry] — Maia Joy

“The brightness melts my insides/into something that more resembles/a Salvador Dalí painting than/anything earthly”

[Poetry] — George Rawlins

“I stalk a weakening current, a mirror/to wandering, tracing faint verse/into sediment just/below whitewater.”

[Essay] Dickens’s Spirits — James Riding

“These ghosts keep returning in Dickens’s writing not just because of their practical uses, but also out of necessity: they are an intrinsic component of his craft. Dickens knew all too well that a writer must be a bodysnatcher.”

[Essay] Boris the Katechon — Josh Mcloughlin

“Johnson, like the archetypal Pauline katechon, has been outmatched and overwhelmed by a crisis he has proved damningly incapable and incompetent to restrain, and which will further darken his already wretched political legacy.”