[Fiction] Varii Graffiti – Michael Paul Hogan

“One night I drained off another glass, two glasses, three, and unbuttoned my trousers and urinated over a canvas of snow-layered slate, a quotation from Rimbaud

[Review] The Year in Books 2021 – James McLoughlin

“As always, reading gives us the chance to escape, to imagine different worlds with exciting possibilities. Or sometimes it simply reflects the extant world back at us from an angle we have never seen ourselves. Either way, when you spend 99% of your time within the same four walls, reading is simply a way to avoid going postal.”

[Fiction] Reaping — Hannah Storm

“Now their talk is snatched sentences, words harvested by years. He wants to tell her how beautiful she is, that she should not hide as if she was ashamed of what once made her fly. She wants to tell him she has never forgotten the way he made her feel.”

[Poetry] — James Strowman

“soft against the dark and I am gone/drifting to things far removed from prayer/into the silent cinema of my mind”