[Essay] Luciano Berio and Fragmentary Composition — Jack Sheen

“Music’s ontological status has always been ambiguous due its lack of materiality, in contrast to physical artworks such as paintings, sculptures, and to some extent, films, whose unique, material appearance and existence differentiates them from other artworks and copies.”

[Review] Age of Anger by Pankaj Mishra — Will Moffitt

“Beginning with Rousseau as the archetypal exemplar of ressentiment, Mishra initiates a thrilling 300-page journey spanning four centuries that intertwines tales of German nationalists, Russian revolutionaries, Italian fascists, and a host of other anarchist terrorists.”

[Essay] American Honey and The American Dream – Will Moffitt

Martin Scorsese’s Taxi Driver, brilliantly crafted by Paul Schrader, inverts the utopian model of the dream. The film’s protagonist, Travis Bickle, is a disillusioned Nam Vet, an alienated loner who skulks around New York’s decadent underbelly, aping literature’s recalcitrant sulker-in-chief, Holden Caulfield.”