[Poetry] — Peter Donnelly

“At these minor garden parties,/Wind lushes and lashes/Through tended-to bush/Gusts across tennis courts (the nets slap/And billow); Ford Fiestas at the perimeter/Unmoved by all of this.”

[Poetry] — Maia Joy

“The brightness melts my insides/into something that more resembles/a Salvador Dalí painting than/anything earthly”

[Poetry] — George Rawlins

“I stalk a weakening current, a mirror/to wandering, tracing faint verse/into sediment just/below whitewater.”

[Poetry] — Adam Houle

“You can’t tell / if the snow is fresh, a god-sent snow, falling / or if it’s just wind-lifted, old snow come again”

[Poetry] — Adam Tavel

“Carter gazes at a thousand shadow treasures / he’ll loot to catalog in haughty solitude / until the war, until his cancer comes.”

[Poetry] — Kathryn de Leon

“I watched moving clouds/soften the sky with holiness/then pass their pure hands over me,/blessing me and healing /the sadness of my young life”

[Fiction] Psycho Femmes — Nicholas Rombes

“Everyone’s mind rushed to give meaning to the box: it was a bomb, most likely, that an audience member had slipped onto the stage during the dark, and it was up to Patti, as leader of Psycho Femmes, to deal with it.”

[Fiction] ‘Affirmation’ — Annabel Banks

“My clients are wealthy—that goes without saying—but that’s all they have in common, so I must acrobat my way through each conversation, with not a moment’s hesitation as we leap and roll.”

[Poetry] ‘Dream Job’ — Mary Peelen

“Disrupting the dream, a holy terror: an alarm clock rings and I’m jolted back to the taupe world,/back to my day job, where, wholly unencumbered by spiritual dignity, I work myself to death.”